Shadows of the Ecliptic is a comic book series that features an extensive cast of characters written and illustrated by Shan Shankaran and Adam-Paul Thomas. The series takes place in a fictional world where modern day life is combined with a fantasy world of many races and creatures. Some of the inhabitants of this world bear a vast variety of supernatural powers and martial art abilities. The comic visually shows a mixture of 3D and 2D elements that are in a fused art style of Japanese Anime and American Cartoons.


Story: Shadows of the Ecliptic sets in a world home to many different races and creatures where supernatural powers is not everywhere but is seen as a common thing. The story takes place in a city called Slumbering Moon, a large diverse modern day city that lies off the shores of a mass ocean and besides a large desert. Sye Ruan a 16 year old high school orphan who lost his mother at the age of 6 and father who became a fugitive and went missing. Leaving Sye and his adopted childhood friend Lyra Azaniyah to live at his parents friend's place called "Mrs. Weatherbrook's Orphanage". One day Sye and Lyra were running late to meet up with their friend's Eric and Zeil for a trip to the beach. Sye departs on his own leaving lyra behind only to run across a strange door where he discovers a hidden laboratory where he accidentally frees a mysterious girl claiming to be Renakoki a mythical fairytale of a goddess heroine who saved the world over billions of years ago. Sye befriends Renakoki vowing to protect her, but by doing this brings attention towards himself and his friends from several organizations who wants Renakoki's powers for themselves to take over the world. As Sye and his friends protect the goddess they begin to unravel secrets that go far beyond a simple taking over the world plan.


Character: Sye Ruan is the main protagonist of Shadows of the Ecliptic. He is introduced as a sixteen-year-old orphan who is extremely clumsy, curios, easily distracted and often spaces out most of the time. Besides these flaws he can be really lucky at times and holds a strong heart to friendship and will try his best to help those he cares for at any cost. Due to Sye's clumsiness he tends to stay away from trouble unfortunately his curiosity usually gets the best of himself and ends up in trouble, but thanks to his extreme luck he manages to get out of any situation.


The Creative Team:


Story & Characters

Shan Shankaran (ShenGekka)

Adam-Paul Thomas (Pixel Peanut)

Aaliyah Thomas (YuniPup)


Written By

Shan Shankaran, Adam-Paul Thomas and Rodney Daniel


Illustrated By

Shan Shankaran, Adam-Paul Thomas and Vernell Jones III


Storyboards By

Shan Shankaran, Adam-Paul Thomas and Sean Lee


Ideas Consultant

Karen Barron


Music Compositions by

CJ Harris


Published BY

PAD Enterprise, LLC

PO Box 740705

San Diego, CA 92174-0705


Copyright 2014 - 2018

All Rights Reserved




Copyright 2014 - 2015 PAD Enterprise, LLC

All Rights Reserved

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